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private guiding

We offer private guiding to those whose schedules don't align with our clinic and course dates, as well as those hoping to gain more mileage in the mountains. 

Connect with one of our AMGA/PCGI certified guides to focus on specific objectives or skills, or to simply explore the beautiful outdoor playgrounds we know and love!

What to Expect When You Hire A Guide

Hiring a guide means that the day gets to be all about you and your goals. We will pair you with one of our experienced, certified, female guides who we feel can best facilitate you in your goals. 

Prior to your trip we will touch base with you directly to let you know the guide you will be working with, where/when to meet them, and what to bring with you for the day. 

Start times vary depending on location, however we typically meet at 8am. Half days are four hours in duration, and Full days are up to eight hours. 

Full Day (8 hours)

Half Day (5 hours)

  • 1 person: $295

  • 2 people: $180 each

  • 3 people: $165 each

  • 4 people: $140 each

  • 1 person: $425

  • 2 people: $260 each

  • 3 people: $230 each

  • 4 people: $210 each

What's Included:

  • Climbing Equipment

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Insights about local flora and Fauna, geology, and climbing history

  • Goodtimes

Not Included:

  • Guide Gratuities 

  • Park Passes (Required for National Parks)

  • Transportation

Our rates may vary depending on the location in accordance with local permit and guide fees. Click here to view our cancelation and weather policy here. 

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