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mentorship programs

Mentorship is deeply embedded into the culture of rock climbing. This is a sport that hinges on and thrives off of partnership and connection. One experienced climber teaching a less experienced climber the ropes. Passing on techniques, ideas, historical tall tales and stories of legends! Creating unforgettable experiences together that will last a lifetime.


Connection, Growth, and the Evolution of rock climbing -- that's what our mentorship programs are all about.


climbing mentorship 

Our climbing mentorship program is designed for those seeking long term, personalized guiding/coaching. One of the best ways to advance your climbing is by climbing with another, more experienced rock climber. All of our guides are the climbers they are today thanks to some influential mentors in their lives. That is to say, our guides are eager to pay it forward and are passionate about helping others find success in the mountains. 


This program lowers our full day rate from $425 to only $300/day when you sign up for twelve days of guiding during the Joshua Tree season (October - May). In addition to this 30% discount, mentees can also take advantage of an additional 15% off any of our other course or events in Joshua Tree.


Price $3,600* Includes:

  • 12 Full Days of Private Guiding**

  • One on One Coaching/Instruction from a Professional Guide

  • Customized Curriculum to Advance Your Climbing w/ a Step by Step Plan to Meet Your Goals

  • 15% Off Joshua Tree Courses/Events  

*Three payments of $1,200 or 5% discount for paying in full in advance

**This works out to roughly two days per month for six months, however, the twelve days can be scheduled in any way between October - May.  

Climbing Locations Include:

  • Joshua Tree National Park

  • Tahquitz Rock in Idyllwild

  • Other locations (The Black Canyon,CO; Seneca Rocks, WV; and the Eastern Sierra Nevada) may be available, but are not guaranteed.  

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kiersa koepnick

guiding mentorship 

We are committed to creating more opportunities for women in guiding. If you are an aspiring climbing guide, are working your way through the guiding industry certification ladder, or are looking for ways to gain more experience guiding in the field -- fear not! You do not have to go it alone! We're here for you! 

We know firsthand how intimidating and stressful guide certification courses (that tend to be heavily male dominated) can be. We've helped lots of women prepare for their AMGA/PCGI/PCIA courses and we want help you too! We offer you a space to learn that inspires confidence. Get your systems dialed alongside someone who knows where you're coming from and has a genuine interest in helping you succeed.

Program Includes:

  • Shadow Guiding During Courses and Events

  • 40% Discount Off Guiding, Courses, and Events


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kiersa koepnick

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