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When the seasons change, so do we! We are located in Joshua Tree, CA from October - April and we travel to other climbing areas to escape the desert heat! Come climb with us in Seneca Rocks, WV and The Black Canyon, CO (coming soon)! 

Joshua Tree,CA

Joshua Tree National Park -- where two deserts collide. It is here that the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet, resulting in a fascinating variety of animal and plant life. Just shy of 800,000 acres, the area that is now known as JTNP was home to the Serrano, Chuilla, Mojave, and Chemehuevi peoples before being settled by the Spanish in 1769. 

JTNP is one of the most iconic climbing destinations in the entire world. A training grounds for Stone Masters who helped developed climbing into what it is today, Joshua Tree continues to be an epicenter of rock climber that attracts climbers of all levels to come out and push themselves. 

Not to mention it is one of thee finest winter time climbing destinations in the US! This place has it all: world class top roping, bouldering, trad climbing, and yes, there are even a few bolts for the sport climbers.

Come find us out in the desert October through April! 



R. Douglas Fields


Tom Cecil



R. Douglas Fields

Seneca rocks,wv

Seneca Rocks, WV will always have our heart. Not only is this where founder, Kelly Fields, learned to climb with her family, this is where our clinics first got their start. 

Located in the Monongahela  National Forest, Seneca Rocks is a striking formation that begs you to climb it. The famous Great Indian Warpath, known locally as the "Seneca Trail", followed the Potomac River which allowed the Algonquian, Tuscarora, and Seneca nations to travel through this area using it as an area for trade and sometimes war. 

Today climbers travel from all over the country to experience the outrageous exposure, technical terrain, and stellar climbs this beautiful mountain has to offer. A town stuck in time, it's an amazing place to visit and disconnect from the rest of the world, and it's one of the best training grounds for building skills for big wall or alpine climbing. 

We get out to Seneca once or twice a year, typically in the Spring and Fall! 

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