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Climbing Joshua Tree, CA


Athena Rock Climbing

Woman-Owned And Operated

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Photo Credit: Steve Morissette

What we do

We are a guide service who is dedicated to increasing the representation of women in a male dominated industry, specifically within the world of multi-pitch Trad climbing. We do this by providing instructional climbing events, specialized courses, and private guiding primarily for women*. We are committed to maintaining small student to instructor ratios to ensure high-quality, customized instruction.


We love Trad climbing and have a passion for teaching. We're also women, and have first-hand experience with the camaraderie that is created when women team up in the mountains. We want to cultivate more of that, so that's what we do. We mentor. We empower. We connect. And we do this through climbing. 

Womens Rock Climbing Seneca Rocks,WV


Tom Cecil

what people say

Womens Rock Climbing

Thank you again for a great climbing experience! It was empowering on so many levels. And fun and beautiful too! I will certainly spread the word about your skill level, patience and professionalism." - Terri

Womens Trad Climbing

This weekend was amazing. Please, please let me know what else I can do to support you guys.  I think what you're doing is so important to the industry.  You're changing lives and making people feel so empowered.

- Hollis

Joshua Tree National Park

I had a blast and learned so much. While driving home last night, I was reviewing what I had learned in my head, and I feel like I'm so far from where I was before, and it feels great.
- Emily

Lets talk about sex

Now that we have your attention, ARC wants to be clear that we invite all women (trans and cis) and enbies to join us at women's events and courses. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive space built on a foundation of respect that promotes a healthy learning environment. Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated at any clinic or within the ARC community. Learn more. 

In an effort to help bring men into the conversation of uplifting women in climbing, we host a few co-ed clinics as well as clinics that are just for women. Women's spaces are sacred, and we still honor and cherish those. We simply want to invite men into some of our courses as a way to promote a healthy dialogue surrounding our experiences as women in a male dominated sport. 

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